Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

The 5 Best Options Analysis of Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

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Parenting is becoming easier and comfortable with technology each passing day. When it comes to baby monitoring, technology plays a vital role, especially for deaf parents. Several baby monitors help you in taking intense care of your children even when you are not around them. When you use these baby monitors, you no longer need to be physically present next to your child. You can perform your daily tasks with peace of mind, while the monitors keep track of your child’s activities.

What type of baby monitors are available in the market for deaf parents?

The first thing that comes to mind while looking for a baby monitor is a sound-based alarm system. But, since it is not useful for deaf parents, a useful option is a video-based monitor. Alternatively, a vibration-based system is also a popular monitoring device among deaf parents.

How does a video monitor work?

video monitor for baby monitoring

It is quite evident that a video monitor can be used to keep track of your child’s activities. Wherever you are in the house, you can keep track of your child by having an eye on the video every now and then. This is an effective means of monitoring your child as it allows you to keep performing your work at the same time.

This method is, however, not much use when you are asleep and thus a need for a different monitor is there. Due to the above restriction, vibration-based alert systems for deaf parents are more useful even when they are asleep.

How does the vibration alert system work?

A vibration-based alert system vibrates in order to alert you for a crying baby. The sensors detect the crying sound of a baby. These sensors send signals to the vibration monitor, which starts vibrating to alert the deaf parent.

Usually, deaf parents keep the vibration monitor below their pillow when they go to sleep. When the baby starts crying the vibrator goes on, and the deaf parent can help the child immediately.

A vibration-based alert system comes in the form of a vibration rod or a vibration pad which integrates with a baby crying sensor and alerts the parents about the child’s crying situations.

How to choose baby monitors for deaf parents from a lot of available options?

For deaf parents, it is important to choose the right set of monitors that can help them overcome their hearing challenges while parenting their children. Since the market has many with baby monitoring devices, it is important to check the reviews of a product before ordering them. Checking the specifications and reviews help in identifying how the device performs and how useful it is for deaf parents.

The five best baby monitors available in the market for deaf parents

When you search online about the best baby monitors for deaf parents, you will get tons of options. Various products participate in the Amazon selling program or an affiliate advertising program in order to reach the customers. So, in order to help you choose the right product, we provide five best available options based on our research and customer reviews.

  1. The Avent DECT product from Philips is one of the best available Baby Monitor options

Avent DECT product from Philips

With the brand name of Philips, this product is very useful for a deaf parent. There is a set present in the child’s room while the other part of the set is present in the parent’s room. These two sets interact with each other through a secured channel, and when the baby cries, the parent knows it through the vibration of the device.

  1. Sonic Sitter is a wireless baby monitor from Sonic Alert which is best suited for baby cry alerts

sonic sitter baby monitor product

Sonic Sitter comes as a wireless baby monitor, which sends wireless signals to the parent’s unit when the baby starts crying. Based on this signal, the vibration starts, and the deaf parent can easily identify that the child is crying.

  1. The Digital VTech BA72211BL is a completely digital vibration-based baby monitor

Digital VTech BA72211BL

Digital VTech BA72211BL is also a vibration-based monitor system that comes with the light option and does its job perfectly. It is a completely digital product and hence is considered a premium product amongst its peers.

  1. Clarity AlertMaster model AL10 is a premium high tech visual and vibration-based monitor

Clarity AlertMaster model AL10

AlertMaster not only gives vibration-based alerts but also features a visual-based alert. This alert system can sync to a bed shaker which can help in an immediate and intense alerting system. You can connect this device to your phone for optimum results and can also integrate it with doorbells and home security systems. This is also on the higher price side and is very complicated to set up.

  1. Infant Optics DXR-8 for a clear, high-quality video-based monitoring of your child  

Infant Optics DXR-8- baby monitor

Optics DXR-8 is a video baby monitor that gives you the option of video-based monitoring. It comes with a high-quality optical lens which can be changed with other lens options as well. This results in high-quality video output and lets you check the minute details of your child as well. When the child cries, the sensor senses the sound, and the LED display activates, indicating the parent that the child needs attention. This is one of the most preferred video-based monitoring devices by deaf parents.

All the devices mentioned above are one of the best devices amongst their peers. You can choose one based on your needs and your budget.

In Conclusion

We looked into how baby monitors are helpful for deaf parents in parenting their children. Out of the various available options, we looked into the five most preferred baby monitoring options. We shared our feedback on these options and also understood when we could use a video-based or a vibration-based alert system. So, if you are looking for a baby monitor for your child, I hope this article would have served its purpose of helping you out.

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