Parenting tips for toddlers to help you raise your child well

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Parenting is an important part of a toddler’s life, which forms the baseline of a child’s future. Every toddler has his or her way of tackling life, and a parent gives the toddler the required support. But, are the parents really aware of how to tackle the kids, and how to treat them? Do they know how to develop good mannerism in their children? Well, a lot of parents are searching online and offline for information on these things. If you are also a parent looking for tips to groom your child’s future, you are reading the right article. This article gives practical parenting tips for toddlers, which you should follow for the best results with your child’s future.

What problems do parents face while dealing with toddlers?

problem faced dealing with toddlers


Parenting is a dream come true for many parents, but slowly they realize the responsibilities and difficulties that parenting brings with it. Some parents want to induce good habits in the child from the beginning, whereas some do not like the toddler tantrums. Some parents are not able to give their child potty training while some others have trouble making their child fall asleep.

Learn the tips that help you grow your toddler in a better way

Whatever problems you face while handling your toddler, there is a solution to every one of them. Follow these tips to help your child grow the right way –

When you love them, let them know about it – A toddler strives for your love

doodler child love with mother

I am sure many of you already do this and love your toddler to extreme levels. A toddler expects love all the time, and it is our duty as parents to let them know how much we love them. Showing regular love to your child makes your child believe that you are there to take care of him or her. Your love creates an unbreakable bond between you and your child, and you get to know your child better through love and affection.

Know how to teach your child the rules of life – teach gradually

mother teaches rules for toddler son

Your child is living the initial phase of his or her life, and you cannot expect a child to know everything. If you want to teach them how to behave in front of people, teach them one teaching at a time. Take time to explain to them how it is important to behave well with others and how they should behave with their parents. Allow your child to make mistakes as it is their right as a human. But, do not ignore the mistakes and make it a point to tell your child how to avoid the mistakes in the future and the importance of the steps they need to take.

Prioritizing the rules is important to make your child learn the right way

toddler learn the rules with mother

Everyone learns through their mistakes, and so do the toddlers. All you need to do is to ensure that you tell them what is harmful to their bodies and health.

For example, you should first teach them about not running on the road, as that could be dangerous to their lives. Teaching about walking with the shoes on is also important, but is not as important as not running on the road. If you ten things to your kid at once, he or she is more likely to remember only two to three things out of them. So, if you want your child to learn all ten things, you need to break them and teach them in parts to your kid.

Your toddler tantrums may be unbearable for you at times – don’t panic, and use the right ways to deal with them

It is very natural for a toddler to have some temper issues or react in a non-polite way. It does not mean that you should go ahead and slap or shout at your child every time he shows tantrums. Rather, you should follow the following tips to handle your child’s tantrums in this toddler stage of theirs-

  1. Explain them more and more about what they should do, and whatnot, and why.

toddler child happiness

A child is new to a hundred percent of the things when he comes to the world. As he becomes a toddler, he is yet to understand more than 95% of the things that you already know. So, it is very obvious for your child to make mistakes and even then not learn from it at that age. It is the role of a parent to introduce new things to the child in the right way.

When a parent simply tells the child to stay away from fire, he is just giving the child order. But if the parent explains to the child how fire can harm the child and which fire is safe and which is not, the child will understand it better.

If you don’t know French, and I keep talking all good things in French, you are bound to feel the frustration. Similarly, when you talk to a child about new things, your child wants to understand them first and then apply them. With the little understanding that he can develop through your speech, he will make a base with the same for the future. So, be very cautious about what you speak to your child and in what way.

  1. Know that your child is a human with limits, you cannot create a robot out of your child

small toddler child

Yes, you are not a robot, and you are also not a parent of a robot. A toddler is not a machine where you can feed the instructions, and it will follow them until the battery dies. Your child has emotions and has limits that decide what he can do and what he can’t. If you want to stretch your child’s limit, give him proper training and adequate time to do that.

I am sure once the direction is right, the child will learn efficiently. But, you need to understand that a child may not learn properly when the direction is not right. Hence, you need to work on your parenting skills as well, in order to help your child. So, do not treat your child as if he should know and do everything as per your will. Give him time and space to grow with the pace that he prefers.

  1. Sometimes it is better to safeguard your child and teach by example

baby children happy with playing

Sometimes your toddler is very sensitive or may react weirdly to certain situations. It is not wise to always send your kid to war against his vulnerabilities. Sometimes, you need to take guard of your child against the problems and wait for the right time to prepare your child against adversities.

For example, your child may come to you telling you that his friend took away his toy. He may be afraid of asking the toy back; that is why he wants you to handle this situation. So, if you ask your child to go and get his toy back, he may not know what to do. He may end up hitting the friend or may feel start feeling afraid of such situations, and may even stop telling you about such incidents.

In this scenario, you can go to your child’s friend and ask why he took the toy. If the purpose was to play, instruct the children to play together or in turns. Once you sort the matter like this in front of your child, he learns from you how to handle a situation. Next time a friend does something similar, he will first ask his friend to play together or in turns. If still, the matter does not get to a resolution, he may approach you again, in which case you can help.

  1. Do not make shouting and slapping a habit, it will ruin your child

shouting and slapping with toddler children parents

Scolding a child is important when you want to put extra emphasis on what he did was extremely wrong. But, scolding or hitting your child for every nuisance he creates is not the right way to go. Doing this will make you less important for your child, and will inject negative thoughts in your child’s mind against you.

If you want to improve your child’s habits, you should first understand where he is learning bad habits. Is it the school, the local friends, or at home where he learns these things. Once you identify that, you need to slowly rectify the situation by either changing your child’s company or your home’s environment.

  1. Train your child the right way – seek help where you feel the need for it

There are some things and some training that each child goes through. Whether it is potty training, or eating habits training, or falling asleep training, every child goes through them. You should often communicate with the parents of slightly older children, to understand how they trained their children.


Finally, I would like to say that it is important to have proper communication with your child right from the beginning. The more and the better you communicate with your child, the easier it is for your child to grow in this world.

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