Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents – a guide for the best stroller

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Parenting needs a great effort, which can easily make one feel tired each day. Carrying your baby while you travel, or shop, or when you plan to go for a walk is not an easy task. Many parents develop back problems due to this and hence hate to carry their children in their arms. A stroller comes to the rescue for the parents. A stroller helps you take your child with you without having the burden of carrying the child in your arms. There are several benefits that a stroller has, which we will look into this article. We will also look into the best umbrella stroller for tall parents to help them carry their children with ease.

What is an umbrella stroller?

umbrella stroller

A stroller is used to carry your child with you without having the burden to lift the child to the dock. An umbrella stroller is an advanced version of the stroller which gives your child protection from sunlight. It has a foldable umbrella top, which, when put in use, covers your child from above. The handles of such strollers are similar to umbrella handles, and hence, we call them umbrella strollers.

How is an umbrella stroller different for a tall parent and an average height parent?

The major difference in the strollers for a tall parent and an average height parent is the height of the handles. For tall parents, the handles are present at a good enough height for their comfort. Similarly, for a parent with average height, the handles are best at average height. The stroller should be extremely comfortable for a tall parent, or else they can suffer from back pain.

The best umbrella strollers available in the market for tall parents – a quick review

  1. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller as the adjustable canopy, lightweight stroller for tall parents.

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

This stroller is a tall parent’s favorite stroller in the market, which comes with a lightweight of 12 lb. The handles are located at a good enough height for tall parents and are present at 42 inches from the ground.

The stroller can handle a baby of up to 6 months of age and comes with features as a recliner and a good umbrella for sun protection.

  1. The Chicco Capri Stroller – another lightweight stroller with an adjustable canopy and compact size.

chicco c6 stroller

Aluminum is the base of this stroller, and this makes it an extremely lightweight option as a stroller. This stroller can easily carry a capacity of 37 lbs, and this makes it easier for a parent to roam around with such a lightweight stroller. The handles have a 5 point harness, and this unique feature makes it very comfortable for a tall parent to maintain the height of the handle as they prefer.

The stroller has a recliner feature, a carry bag to carry the trash, and brakes to handle it at a sloped surface easily.

  1. UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller with removable and extendable canopy and a stain-free fabric

UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller

The best part about this stroller is the stain-free and water-resistant feature that it boasts of. It is ultra-lightweight with a measurable weight of 11 lbs only for a parent’s delight. As one would expect, it has tall handles, which makes it useful for a tall parent.

The seat pad it has is removable and washable, which makes it a good germ-free stroller. You can easily remove the seat pad and wash it in a machine without much effort and get a clean seat pad for re-use. The storage capacity is also good enough, but it does not have the recline facility, which makes it count low on the overall features list.

  1. Joovy Groove stroller as an extremely lightweight and sun-protection option for your child’s comfort

JOOVY New Groove Ultralight

It has a large sun shield and can cover your child easily from sunlight and rain. It is not suitable for a newborn baby as it has a wide seat suitable for a couple of month’s old babies. As a special feature, it has a big enough window at the back for good air passage. It also has good compact storage and a cup holder for the convenience of the parents.

  1. RECARO easy life with an oversized canopy comes as one of the lightest strollers among its peers

RECARO easy life with an oversized canopy

It is one of the lightest strollers with a weight of 13 lb, and it comes with increased security in the form of automatic locks. Once you fold it, it automatically locks, and you can carry it easily with the help of the six wheels that it has. It has an oversized canopy, which makes it a safe option for the child and protects the child well from the sun rays. It also has the sidewalls for proper air circulation, and the fabric it uses is a special fabric called woven luxe that balances the temperature well.

Are there different strollers for different children’s age groups?

strollers diffrent child age groups

Yes, there are different strollers for different children’s age groups. There are some strollers that you can use for infants. These strollers are extremely comfortable for infants as they are manufactured, keeping an infant’s comfort in mind.

There are different strollers for toddlers, which are more comfortable for them. These strollers are more spacious and have all the features that a toddler needs.

What are the different features that an umbrella stroller offers to us?

Some strollers have recliners in them, which makes it extremely comfortable for the child to lie down and relax. The backrest that these strollers have takes good care of the developing neck and back of the children. Apart from this feature, there are several other important features that an umbrella stroller has, which you can consider while planning to buy one.

  1. The variety in handles and their benefits for the parent

There are some tweaks available in the handles of different strollers, which the parents can choose for their benefit. One such thing is the height of the handles that is an important point to consider. A tall parent definitely likes a tall handle, whereas a parent with average height prefers standard height handles. Other options are with the width and the length of the handles, which again is subject to a parent’s choice. Finally, some handles come with fancy options like lighting, which gives it a good look.

  1. Folding the stroller when not in use – a must-have feature for any umbrella stroller

Folding a stroller is a frequent feature that every parent uses, and this makes it a must-have feature for all umbrella strollers. For this reason, almost every stroller comes with this feature with the difference of folding techniques.

  1. Sun shield – the umbrella functionality (canopy) of the umbrella stroller

The second most important feature of the umbrella stroller after its capability to carry a child is the umbrella functionality that it offers. This feature is very important for the comfort of the child as it saves the child not only from rain but also from sun rays. It is because of the sun shield that a parent can take the child out for shopping or traveling even in broad sunlight.

  1. A basket for keeping your child’s entire important stuff

You may be fond of moving empty-handed, but a child needs tons of things with him or her. You never know when your child needs a diaper change or a quick cleaning. And what about your child’s favorite toy, is it not meant to be along with your child all the time? Well, all these things plus a dozen more make a good spacious basket important feature of an umbrella stroller. Each umbrella stroller has a different shape, color, and size of the basket, which you can choose as per your preference.

  1. The fabric of stroller is important for cleaning and comfort factors

The fabric is an important factor for choosing or rejecting a stroller. The good fabric ensures that the child has sufficient cushion for lying down comfortably. It is also easy to clean the stroller with good fabric, and it is also very durable. No one wants a stroller, which becomes dirty very easily and wears-off while cleaning.

Some strollers may have all the above features, which makes them extremely comfortable strollers to use. Some other umbrella strollers may not have all these features but maybe good enough for your purpose and budget. Based on your requirements, you can choose an appropriate stroller for your baby.

In Conclusion

Once you complete reading this article, you should have a good understanding of what an umbrella stroller is all about and what are its salient features. You should also know by now about the benefits that a stroller brings along for the parents. Also, in case you are a tall parent, you now know what to look into a stroller when you go out shopping for one. Finally, you now know the five best umbrella strollers for tall parents available in the market, which you can consider while shopping.

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